Disclaimer: Strong Opinions

Warning, this post will hit a soft spot to some people; whether they agree or disagree with what I am about to say. These are just my opinions, and not fact. If you choose, you don’t have to read this.

Lately, I have been seeing all these posts, on social media, about abortion and the fight between pro-life and pro-choice. I am a Christian, and many of the people I follow, are from strictly Christian homes. These posts are all about how pro-choice is basically of the devil. Ever since I can remember, I have always thought differently than the others from my church, and this is another one of those topics, that I view differently.

I have nothing against the ones who think that pro-life is the only way it should be, but church and state should be separated. The country has been fighting over the two and trying to get abortion and birth control illegal. To me, this is the worst and most stupid decision our country could make as a whole. These two things help many women and families, in more ways than just “killing off children”.

Some women get abortions because they know that they can’t take care of a child, at that moment, or don’t want a child. And yes, they could put it up for adoption, but there is already enough kids in the system, that aren’t getting adopted. Why add more to that? Why force people to give birth, when they take everything into consideration, and that is the best choice to them? Choosing abortion is never easy, and I know this from experience. My roommate found out she was pregnant, and abortion was a serious option because she knew that she couldn’t finish school and be a mother all at once, let alone with no job. It took her weeks to find out what she wanted to do; thinking of all the options.

Now onto birth control. Yes it does help women not get pregnant, but that isn’t the only reason people use it. And what if they don’t want to get pregnant? Then they wouldn’t have to get an abortion, or even think about it as an option. It also helps with a lot of period symptoms. Men don’t understand how awful cramps are, and the bleeding can get pretty heavy too.

Let’s see if I can draw a picture for you guys. Many girls have had their appendixes burst, and not do anything about it, because they thought it was just some cramps and they have had worse. Some days I haven’t been able to get out of bed because it hurt to bad to get out of the one position i felt tolerable in.  Birth control calms the cramps down, as well as the bleeding. So how could any of this be of the devil?

You see? Pro-choice isn’t about killing people, because at the time they are being terminated, it is just a group of cells, that aren’t even living yet. Pro-choice is about having the option to do what you want to do with YOUR body, and not controlling what half the population does with theirs.

Rant over.

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