Just One Word…

I know I haven’t written in a while, and I’m sorry. I’ll try to get better at this whole blog thing. But something at work happened today, and I just had to type it all out, and put it out there for the world.

Have you ever been talking to someone, or listening to their story, and it just makes all these memories (good or bad) come rushing back? Well I get this all the time, and the memories that came back today about knocked the wind right out of me. This woman came into JCPenny’s today, and I have seen her there before. She always talks to me, and I love our conversations. She is so intelligent, wise, and kind; I could just listen to her for hours on end. This woman hasn’t had the best hands dealt, but she always tries to remain positive (and I don’t know how she does it). I digress. Anyway, she put the world and what’s important into perspective.

I asked her how the new job was going, and she explained they decided to give it to someone else, all because of how she looked. That shocked me, because she came to get a new outfit (that I helped pick out) for this job, and she could barely afford it, but she decided to invest to start making money, and do good at this new job. She went on to say that this manager was very rude to her, and made her feel so bad. Like a middle schooler looking at a model in a magazine. Which I couldn’t understand, because she was so beautiful to me, and it wasn’t just her outer appearance. But, she said that she could only except it and move on after seeing a terrible car accident.

This accident had 3 hospitalized and 1 died on impact. I had to go look it up after I got off work, to understand how bad it was. She stated that she and her cousin stopped to see if they could help, and when walking to the cars, found a prosthetic leg. Turns out it belonged to one of the victims. She went on to describe how awful these people were, with all the gashes and wounds. I could only imagine how bad it actually was. When she was telling her story,  I began to think of my family’s own tragedy that happened.

My father was in a wreck, with a drunk driver, when I was younger. It was awful, and I almost lost my dad forever. It seemed like a miracle happened, and it turned out that it’s exactly what happened. He mentioned he heard God’s voice to “move over and slow down, this is gonna hurt.” You may not believe in God or a higher power, and that is perfectly fine. But after that, I had no problem with my faith. It actually became worse when we found that my dad’s neck was broken, and the doctor’s didn’t notice the break until 3 years later.

While she was telling her story, my eyes began to turn red and I started to tear up. I had to leave the kiosk and calm myself down, after she left. Maybe I was supposed to hear all of this today for some reason. It made me honestly start thinking about my life and what I view as important. And this may honestly have no effect on you, and that is fine too. I just needed to get my story out, even it only helps one person. Just know that whatever you may be going through, you will get through it and it may seem terrible at the time, but it happened for a reason, and it will make you stronger. I know that I sure am.



Today I was just wandering through Pinterest, and came across this quote. It spoke to me on so many levels. Recently, I have had problems, and the thought of taking away how sensitive I was would somehow solve all of my problems. I thought, if I couldn’t feel things the way I do, then maybe I would be a stronger person, that I would be respected and people would actually care for what I had to say or do. But now, I realize that if I could possibly take away this one trait, everything about me would turn dark.